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Roxana Improves Her RA, Hashimoto’s And Entire Life
Roxana Improves Her Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimotos and Entire Life With The Paddison Program. In this energy-rich interview you will discover[...]
Reversing JIA with Christine
In This Episode: Christine's 6 year old son Cole reverses all joint swelling The steps Christine implemented with Cole for[...]
Reversing RA Joint Pain With Emily
Learn from Emily how she Got off high-dose prednisone step by step Reduced her inflammation naturally using the Paddison Program[...]
Crushing Rheumatoid Arthritis With Danny Part 2
In this podcast The attitude required to heal RA Adopting enough self-worth to take action How Danny inspired a live audience[...]
Wim Hof Reversing Autoimmune Diseases
You're about to learn: - How the Wim Hof Method scientifically lowers inflammatory markers - How Matt has reversed his[...]
Stress and Rheumatoid Arthritis PART 1 - What Stress Does To Our Body In this episode I have taken on of the threads[...]
Iida Reverses ANA Positive Oligoarthritis With Paddison Program And Yoga
ANA Positive Oligoarthritis has a big scary name but it had no chance against a determined Iida who used the Paddison[...]
Ellen Is Reversing Her Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms Part 2
In this episode you'll learn - How Ellen was in a terrible way with her RA when she first started[...]
Ellen Is Reversing Her Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms Part 1
In this Podcast you will learn: Ellen's story with RA and how far she has come with her health improvements Methotrexate[...]
Rheumatoid Arthritis Insights With Andrea
Andrea shares with Clint some of her great progress so far with her Rheumatoid Arthritis healing. You'll learn: - Andrea's[...]

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