Reverse Pain And Swelling With The Most Powerful Rheumatoid Arthritis Program Ever Created

What Doctors Say About The Paddison Program For RA

"Now I just put RA patients straight onto the Paddison Program" - Dr. Michael Klaper

"Clint, if people with RA listen to you they will get well" - Dr. John McDougall

"Clint, you have really given a light for many, many people...I congratulate you" - Rheumatologist Dr. Nisha Manek

"You are doing a great service to so many people who are suffering from such a difficult disease" - Dr. Monica Aggarwal

"The Paddison Program treats the disease through healing the gut, rather than treating the symptoms which is all drugs can offer" - Dr. Richard Matthews

"Keep up the good work Clint" - Dr. Michael Greger

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