Mark Improves Spondyloarthropathy with Paddison Program & Yoga

We discuss how: – Mark has been diagnosed with spondyloarthropathy at 19 – He wasn’t able to move, was losing weight and had chronic fatigue, fasciatis and tendonitis – He started taking Sulfasalazine, then Plaquenil, methotrexate and anti-depressants, but it was never enough – He couldn’t do anything for more than 10 minutes without causing […]

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Chiropractic and RA with Matthew

We discuss how: – Matthew is a chiropractor and has helped many people with RA – Chiropractic can help joints – Chiropractic focuses on the spine and the principle that the human body can heal itself – Different types of stress can affect the spine’s alignment and the aim of chiropractic is to reposition it […]

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