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"The Support Forum Was A Crucial Part Of My Recovery"

"Thank you Clint for helping me so much. The Paddison Support Forum was such a crucial part of recovery. I'm so glad I found you!  - Thank you Clint!"
- Shelly

Before: Methotrexate, Sulfasalazine and hydroxychloroquine (plaquenil)
Now: Drug free, normal blood inflammation, complete control over RA

"The Paddison Program Support Forum Is Phenomenally Good"

"When people come on to the Paddison Program forum, it’s just a welcoming, embracing love for recognizing that that person has made a commitment to try and solve their own arthritis problems. They come in and from the moment they walk in, they’re given suggestions by Clint and other members that are relevant to their personal issues, and just from wide variety of perspectives of people who are going through or gone through the same challenges, so relevant and helpful all the way down the line, and that stays right through while that person uses that forum day-in-day-out, whatever hour of day, they will get answers to questions, and no one is judgmental. They just accept them and say just if you want to heal yourself, these are the steps that you need to consider. It’s your decision.
- Andy

Before: Frequent wheelchair use, Methotrexate
Now: Excellent mobility, improving continually. No drugs

"Thankful to you Clint and all of your help!"

"But from the bottom of my heart, I knew the Program was working and I knew that it was the right thing to do. And I’m just so thankful for you and all of your help. We really appreciate you, Clint!"
- Alisa

Before: "I woke up and was just in so much pain. Like my whole upper body was really stiff".
Now: "Now, I rarely, rarely get symptoms and I'm on go drugs :-)"

What Will You Get With A Paddison Program Support Membership?

All Paddison Program Videos - Existing And New

Get all the Paddison Program content - and all the new content created - so you can to take the shortcut path to RA relief. Downloadable guides, 9+ hours of video training and growing..

Huge Library of Videos Not Available Anywhere Else Online

How To Get Off Methotrexate

How To Eat Out At Restaurants

Introduction to Yoga for RA

How To Support A Loved One With RA

Multiple Recipe Videos

How To Reverse RA in the knees

Stop Bone Mineral Loss

Exercise For RA Reversal

How To Eliminate Anaemia

Newly Diagnosed - Meds Needed?

Methotrexate vs Prednisone

Can Bone Broth Ever Help?

Reversing Swollen Fingers



Oats - Graduation to Eating

Maintaining Bone Health



Reversing Muscle Cramps

High ESR but low CRP


Supplements - Calcium? Potassium?

Reversing Muscle Cramps
Gaining Weight Strategies

Raising Vitamin D Levels Fast

Insulin Resistance / Diabetes
Wrist Pain and Ankle Pain Reversal

...and dozens more videos just like these on all RA Reversal Topics!

More Incredible Results From Paddison Program Support Members (Who Are Now Available To Help YOU)


Before: Son Cole JIA swelling
After: 100% free of swelling and pain. 14+ months symptom free


Before: Barely walk, on Plaquenil, Methotrexate and Sulfasalazine
After: No drugs. No pain. 15+ months symptom free.


Before: RA, Hashimotos, MTX, pain
After: No drugs. No pain. 16 months symptoms free as of April '17. Less Hashimotos meds


Before: ANA Positive Oligoarthritis, Sulfasalazine, swollen knee
After: 100% free of swelling and pain


Before: Bedridden, prednisone, sulfasalazine, naproxen
After: No drugs. No pain. 19 months symptoms free


Before: Predisone, maximum MTX, little strength
After: No prednisone. Lower MTX, strong

With a Paddison Program Support Membership you can chat to each of these pain-reversal experts - and many others!

With a Paddison Program Support Membership You'll Also Receive

All Questions Answered Fast By Experts

In our dynamic support forum you'll get effective solutions fast to every RA challenge you face from people who have  conquered it. Diet? Drugs? Joints? Rheumatologist? Supplement? Social? Whatever your current issue, we've got you covered. 

Live Support Calls

Regular live video calls will enable you to get direct coaching from Clint and learn from others as they overcome similar hurdles. 

One-on-One Coaching

Stay in the healing groove with ongoing private conversations with Clint Paddison - or anyone else you choose who face similar hurdles to yours.

Continued Progress

Get exclusive access to recordings of live Paddison Program events and guest speakers. Request your own content to be created - on any RA related topic - and Clint Paddison will create it for you.

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The Paddison Program Support Membership is the greatest place to be on earth for you if you have RA. Seriously, how long will you continue to make mistakes and think that everything is going to be fine? It won't be - the RA slippery slope is a bad one, but by joining below we can get you on the right track fast.


  • Exclusive and unlimited access to the Paddison Program Support Forum
  • All Paddison Program Materials And New Updates
  • Live support calls with Clint Paddison
  • Participate in meetups around the world
  • Chat with other pain-reversal experts (as seen on the Paddison Podcast)
  • Regular new content
  • Personal coaching with Clint
  • Renews Annually Unless Cancelled

$399 / year

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