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"I have now been on the program for 12 months now. No pain or inflammation totally off all drugs. Blood test have all been excellent."

- Shaun H., Australia 

"I got my blood work back today and my sed rate is 4 - Oh my goodness it has never been this low in my entire life...I just wanted to update you and thank you for you help. You are a blessing to us with RA, thank you"

- G. Adams, Kentucky USA 

What Doctors and Rheumatologists Say About The Paddison Program

"Now I just put RA patients straight onto the Paddison Program" - Dr. Michael Klaper

"Clint, if people with RA listen to you they will get well" - Dr. John McDougall

"Clint, you have really given a light for many, many people...I congratulate you" - Rheumatologist Dr. Nisha Manek

"You are doing a great service to so many people who are suffering from such a difficult disease" - Dr. Monica Aggarwal

"The Paddison Program treats the disease through healing the gut, rather than treating the symptoms which is all drugs can offer" - Dr. Richard Matthews

"Keep up the good work Clint" - Dr. Michael Greger

"Of All The Diseases I Would Not Want To Get, RA Would Be At The Top Of My List" - Clint's Early RA Doctor

Does This Look Like Your Current Approach?

Rheumatoid Arthritis is destructive, debilitating disease that genuinely ruins lives. Joints feel like they are filled with broken glass and each movement of the joint feels like agony. It's extremely frustrating and nobody really understands that it is as bad as it is.

In fact, several times when I had this disease I went to some very dark places in my mind and wondered how I would ever get to a place when I would ever enjoy life again.

The standard approach from Rheumatologists is to 'hit the disease as hard as possible' with dangerous pharmaceutical drugs that can have side effects that are as bad as the disease itself.

Some RA Drugs Are So Dangerous They Will Shorten Your Life

And Many Actually WORSEN Your Underlying Cause

You probably started out on NSAID pain killers (like Advil, Voltaren, Nurofen etc) which all cause more digestive issues (which is the underlying cause of RA, as you'll see soon). Some doctors suggest antibiotics, but I usually find clients go backwards long term on this approach. Methotrexate is toxic for the liver, usually causing severe fatigue and can lose effectiveness. Sulphasalazine contains an antibiotic component, rendering it questionable for long term use, whilst plaquenil often causes permanent eye damage. This leaves biologics, which are some of the most dangerous legal drugs in the world, with leading brands dramatically increasing risk of infections and even increased risk of cancer. 

No human diet can do more harm to the gut then what many of the common RA drugs do - like NSAID's, prednisone and antibiotics. These drugs worsen the gut environment, thus exacerbating the disease, consequently requiring more and more RA drugs in a vicious cycle. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis Is Actually A Serious Digestive Disorder

Studies show that RA Sufferers have low levels of healthy bacteria and an overgrowth of pathogenic "unfriendly" bacteria. The more sever the bacterial overgrowth, the more severe your RA is. This bad bacteria, along with undigested food particles, can get into your bloodstream via a leaky gut. Your body sends in antibodies against these particles and creates circulating immune complexes which can get lodged in the joints triggering inflammation. Chronic acidosis, from poor dietary habits, lowers pH levels in the synovial tissue which promotes inflammation. Associated with RA sufferers is low stomach acid, resulting in undigested proteins. When undigested proteins enter the bloodstream the body can develop molecular mimicry, mistaking your own tissue's proteins for those entering through the gut wall. Studies show that persons with RA have poor intestinal mucosal lining, often worse than that of people with intestinal disease, and some RA folks are lacking an epithelium altogether. This digestive disaster is exaccerbated by low digestive enzymes, further promoting an under active, highly problematic digestive system that needs a massive overhaul.

Plan A vs Plan B

It's Your Time To Make An Important Choice

Plan A

  • Keep trying drug after drug hoping for a 'cure' while still suffering from tremendous pain and dangerous drug side effects
  • Think there is nothing you can do because doctors say ‘diet has no impact on RA’ and 'nobody ever gets better'
  • Avoid exercise, even though now you’re losing strength, confidence and joint integrity
  • Be skeptical or critical of others who are making progress with their RA because 'it's not really possible'
  • Adopt a ‘victim’ mentality and think all is lost
  • Let Methotrexate, Prednisone, NSAID’s, Antibiotics, Arava, Sulfasalazine, Plaquenil, Humira, Cimzia, Remicade, Enbrel be thy medicine
  • Waste thousands on useless supplements hoping the next one will hold the answer (which it never does).

Plan B - Paddison Program

  • Restore your gut in parallel to your current medical treatments to consequently minimise drug requirements
  • Amaze your Rheumatologist with lower blood inflammation, more mobility, less pain, less swelling.
  • Learn unique cardiovascular and joint-specific exercises that will restore your quality of life
  • Inspire others. Have a positive future. Start living again. Wake up with a new lease on life.
  • Be your own health puppeteer with hope and focus.
  • Let food - and exercise - be thy medicine (and only use pharmaceutical drugs to the extent that your body still needs to)
  • Become smarter. Learn which ones matter and invest only in the few supplements that can help.

NOW Is The Right Time To Start Healing

When your joints are hot and inflamed they are worsening. The longer you put off making positive life changes then your condition will continue to worsen. Do you want to begin now, or wait until your joints are even worse before you begin to get well?

Reverse Joint Pain NOW Regardless Of Your Age Or Disease History

Watch And See How Others Have:

  • Reversed RA in the fingers and hands
  • Reclaimed full body use after being hospitalised
  • Gotten off extremely dangerous medications safely
  • Restored physical abilities once lost to RA
  • Done it all sensibly alongside their Dr's observations

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Some Questions For You: Answer Them Honestly!

How will your joints be in 1 year from now? 5 years from now?  The answer to that is largely in your hands. By healing your gut you can be the creator of your own destiny and not stuck on the escalating drug path forever. RA doesn't improve randomly on it's own - it's a progressive and aggressive disease - are  you ready to take control of your future?

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Get Instant Access to The Paddison Program!

Stop the Pain. Stop the Confusion. Stop the vicious cycle of more and more drugs: click the button below to get instant access to The Paddison Program!

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