Paddison Program Podcast and Blog Listings - Part 21

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nutrition

Is Olive Oil good for you? This is a question that I hear almost daily, since those who follow our programs are often baffled by our lack of oils within the recipe book. Let’s check out the facts – Oils are not exactly “natural” foods. Oils are manmade and processed to death and do not […]

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Power Salad! Lentil & Quinoa Cranberry Salad

An amazing power salad to pack some punch and protein into your day!   Lentils and Quinoa are filled with protein, calcium, iron, vitamin E, & several of the B vitamins to give you a boost throughout your day! This zesty salad is filled with the tart goodness of cranberries, nutrient dense sweet potatoes, digestive […]

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Green Goodness Juice Recipe

Welcome to our site! We are super excited to be sharing our first blog post and we thought, why not kick off with a big boost of Green Goodness! One of our favorite ways to start the day is to alkalize and energize with a Green Goodness Juice. I kid you not – the smell […]

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