Paddison Program Podcast and Blog Listings - Part 5

Inflammation is the enemy (NOT RA drugs!)

  We discuss: Inflammation is the enemy because it creates more inflammation via a vicious cycle. The mindset should not be ‘avoid meds at all costs’ but to ‘minimise inflammation at all times’. Disease-modifying drugs and the biologic drugs when administered correctly, carefully, thoughtfully for the right symptoms normally provide far more benefits to a […]

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A Kitchen Fairytale – Iida’s Plant Based Cook Book

We discuss how: – Iida has just released her cookbook called “A Kitchen Fairytale” – Inside the book she presents a wealth of plant-based recipes that are the basis of her plant-based diet – She recovered from inflammatory arthritis without medications following the Paddison Program – She started an Instagram channel about her journey with […]

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Eliminate Random RA Flares

We discuss: – What are random flares? – Strategies of how to eliminate inflammation in the wrist – How RA in the knees is very complicated and requires a multi-faceted approach – Applying a consistent pattern of behavior to get the same outcome with RA symptoms – Having control over RA symptoms Good day Clint here […]

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Rheumatoid progress discussion – prednisone NSAIDs biologic drugs

We discuss how: -Biologic drugs make us susceptible to viruses and infections because our immune system is being suppressed by the drug -Previous medications does not work the same way it did before once we go back to taking them -In choosing between Prednisone and anti-inflammatory drugs, Clint recommends getting off Prednisone first -Prednisone is […]

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