Podcast | The Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis - Part 11
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Alisa Overpowers Rheumatoid Arthritis

Alisa and her Mum Laura describe how they have overcome Alisa’s Rheumatoid Arthritis with the Paddison Program and tremendous determination. Alisa has gone from ‘getting flare ups every day’ to ‘rarely ever getting a flare up’. She now works at a health food store and is inspiring the people around her – she will inspire […]

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Paddison Program – Nutritionally Complete In The Baseline Phase

In this Episode you’ll learn: – The dietary analysis tool used by Robyn Chuter and other nutritionalists – How the Paddison Program baseline phase is nutritionally complete: an extraordinary feat from a hand-selected number of foods – Leafy greens and seaweed are mineral powerhouses – EFA’s come from the foods themselves (not from fish oil or […]

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Andy Is Beating RA

In this Episode you’ll learn: – How Andy used to be in a wheelchair and is now functionally wonderfully – How far he has come on the Paddison Program for RA – The massive improvements Bikram Yoga has provided – Tips for newcomers to the Paddison Program – Why you should avoid free online forums […]

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RA Challenges And The Path Forward For Jyoti

In this episode you will learn: Jyoti’s difficult journey so far How Bikram yoga is still the best anti-RA exercise How prednsione and Enbrel cannot hold the disease at bay The emotional trauma that comes with RA The path forward How we need support Decisions in trying to start a family whilst on heavy medications Disclaimer […]

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Patrick McKeown

You’ll Learn: – Common breathing mistakes – The best way to breath – How the balance of CO2 in the lungs is critical – Simple techniques to activate nose breathing at will – How to improve the quality of your breathing – How to get improved health through quality breath – Contacting Patrick McKeown Disclaimer […]

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