Podcast | The Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis - Part 2
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Yoga Therapy For Arthritis With Steffany Moonaz

We discuss how: – Steffany is a yoga therapist and researcher specializing in rheumatic diseases – She demonstrates in this episode lots of do-it-yourself exercises to relieve finger, hand and wrist pain – She has written a book called “Yoga Therapy For Arthritis” and has conducted pioneering research in the benefits of yoga for arthritis […]

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How Shamiz Overcame Ulcerative Colitis

We discuss how: – In 2012 Shamiz started having digestive disorders while working in Japan – He went to the hospital and was put on drugs and antibiotics for several weeks – As the situation kept getting worse, dosages reached very high levels – When it was suggested a colon surgery, Shamiz and his mother […]

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