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Celebrating progress to build momentum

Hi, it’s Clint Paddison here with another tip on reversing rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, and I just got an email from someone who’s doing the Paddison Program and her email went like this: “Hi, Clint. I for the first time have reduced my C reactive protein to the normal range. I’m so excited.” And so I […]

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Flu shots and RA

In this episode, Clint talks about his recommendation and personal experience on Flu shots. Well, I’ve always been nervous about having flu shots for that exact reason for myself personally. And in fact, earlier this year, in January going back, what, 10, 11 months. I had a flu shot for the very first time against […]

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Inflammation is the enemy (NOT RA drugs!)

  We discuss: Inflammation is the enemy because it creates more inflammation via a vicious cycle. The mindset should not be ‘avoid meds at all costs’ but to ‘minimise inflammation at all times’. Disease-modifying drugs and the biologic drugs when administered correctly, carefully, thoughtfully for the right symptoms normally provide far more benefits to a […]

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Eliminate Random RA Flares

We discuss: – What are random flares? – Strategies of how to eliminate inflammation in the wrist – How RA in the knees is very complicated and requires a multi-faceted approach – Applying a consistent pattern of behavior to get the same outcome with RA symptoms – Having control over RA symptoms Good day Clint here […]

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Rheumatoid progress discussion – prednisone NSAIDs biologic drugs

We discuss how: -Biologic drugs make us susceptible to viruses and infections because our immune system is being suppressed by the drug -Previous medications does not work the same way it did before once we go back to taking them -In choosing between Prednisone and anti-inflammatory drugs, Clint recommends getting off Prednisone first -Prednisone is […]

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