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Acid Alkaline Balance - Protein and Potassium
Acid Reflux - Antacids

Alkaline Water
Almonds, Almond Milk, Almond Butter
Amino Acid Supplement - Arginine
Anaemia - Low Iron Levels
Antibiotics and Brown Protocol
Are activated nuts equivalent to sprouted nuts?
Aspirin only
Average Healing Time
Back pain (upper back) Shoulder and Neck Pain
Balsamic vinegar
Baseline Nutrition
Beginner Weight Building Exercises
Betain Hydrochloride (HCL Supplementation)
Bicarbonate soda to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis
Bikram Yoga | Other Yoga | Bikram Yoga At Home
Blood Tests, Blood Results, Bloodwork - Things To Watch
Bone Broth - Why Not?
Breakfast Paddison Program
Breastfeeding and Calcium Intake
Breastfeeding & Nursing A Baby

Can I cook large quantities of grains and put them in the fridge
Can I heal my inflammatory arthritis without being on a drug
Cashew Nut
Cannibis Oil / CBD Oil / Hemp Oil
Cartilage - Is It Possible To Get It Back?
Carpal Tunnel
Carrots and Juicing Carrots
Can't go to yoga/can't move

Chinese herbs for healing the gut
Chlorella and Spirulina
Cholesterol HDL low
Coconut Oil
Coconut Water and Coconut Meat
Cold/ Infection Causing RA Inflammation
Cold vs Shelf probiotics
CRP, ESR, Anti-CCP, Rheumatoid Factor, Seronegative RA
Dentist Visits
Does Aspirin Cause Leaky Gut
Diabetes, Hyperglycemia and RA
DMARD - How To Get Off These Drugs
Does reaction to medication tell us something useful?
Doing the program in reverse
Dry Eyes and Dry Mouth
Drugs - How To Get Off Medications (Minimum Prerequisite)
Ear and Sinus Congestion
Eating Tips At Restaurants Away From Home
Elevated Alt And Ast And Liver Damage And Folic Acid And Methotrexate
Emotional Connection To Food
Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT's
Exercise Bike / Stationary Bike
Exercise - Build Glute Muscles
Exercise on the Paddison Program
Exercise when in a wheelchair
Fatigue | Tiredness | Exhausted
Fats, EFA's and Oils
Food Reaction Times
Garlic and Ginger
Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Harmful effects of Humira
Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism - Comments from Dr. Goldberg
Having no improvement after 30 days in the Paddison Program
Herbal Tea, Ginger and Ginger Tea
High ALT and AST - liver enzymes
High glucose, diabetes and RA
Hormone levels affect you ability to heal from RA
How Do You Know If You're Healing If You're On Humira (or Another Big Drug)
How Long Does It Take To Heal Your Gut?
How much leafy greens a day
How to put on weight
Iceberg And Cos Lettuce
India And Variations For Indians
Is Miso Baseline
Is rice inflammatory
Juicing vs Blending
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
Kidney Stones and High Oxalate Foods
Knees - How Clint Rehabilitated his knees after tearing his meniscus in 2018
Knee Swelling - Bakers Cyst and Cortisone Injections
LDN - Low Dose Naltroxen
Leaky Gut from Medications

Live Support Call - Exercise With Carl Reader
Loss of Period - Lost Monthly Cycle
Lower Back Pain
Lyme Disease
Managing Healthy Fats
Massage And Ra
Medications: Changing from a DMARD to a Biologic Drug
Medications - Do You Need To Take Them?
Medication Suggestions
Medications - covering symptoms and not reacting to foods
Medications - Which Ones To Take?
Meditation for pain relief
Medrol Pack For On-boarding - A DMARD Like Methotrexate
MELT for pain relief
Mental Clarity
Methotrexate 2 - Can you heal your gut whilst being on Methotrexate?
Microbiome Tests with Dr. Matthews
Migraine Headaches
Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis - Live Support Call
Neck Stiffness and sore neck
Newly Diagnosed
NSAIDS - Dangers and how to get off them
Non-Negotiable #1 – Low Pain Levels To Avoid Viscous Pain Cycle
Numbness and tingling in lower legs, feet or toes
Nutritional Yeast
Oats and Cereal Grains
Oat Sourdough Bread

Oil Pulling
Osteoporosis - Diet, Exercise and Bone Mineral Density Scans
Overall Objective - Not Cure Or Remission But Completely and Confidently Controlled
Pain moving around
Pain in the Ankles
Pain in Elbows
Pain in Feet
Pain In Fingers
Pain in Hip
Pain in the Jaw
Pain In Knees
Pain In Wrists
Parasites (and how to eliminate them)
Phase 2 - Two Day Cleanse
Plant Paradox
Plantar Fasciitis
Prednisone and NSAID's For RA Management
Prednisone - Comments from Dr. Goldberg
Pregnant | Pregnancy and Paddison Program
Probiotic Recommendations
Program Hard / Difficult and Need Encouragement
Protein Powders
Psoriatic Arthritis vs Rheumatoid Arthritis in terms of its diagnosis, and its treatment
Raw Foods - Raw Food Diet - Raw Vegan
Recommended Doctors
Red Wine
Reintroduction of food after baseline
Retuxin - Continue Treatment in PP
Rituxan / Rituximab / Mabthera
Rheumatologist - How to get the most out of meetings
Salt and Rheumatoid Arthritis
Shoulder Pain And Joint Replacements
SIBO and Leaky Gut
Sleep Problems - How to Get Better Sleep
Soak Nuts And Seeds
Social food events – how to handle it
Starches and Starchy Vegetables
Starting PP - Should I take Meds?
Staying Hydrated
Stem Cell Therapy
Strep Throat
Steroid shot directly into joint
Stomach Acid - How To Raise It?
Struggling To Make Progress - "PP Not Working"
Supplements - Paddison Program Approved
Swollen Knuckle After Steroid Shot
Testing / Reintroducing Foods - Tips
Travel Tips And Eating Away From Home
Tests - Bacterial Analysis
Tests - Food Allergies
Tests Inconclusive for RA
Tests - Leaky Gut
Turmeric and Black Pepper
Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
Vitamin B12
Water Fasting
Weight Loss
White Cell Count Wcc Blood Test And Low Wcc
Wild Rice
Yoghurt or Yogurt
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