Pain in the Ankles

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I rarely hear of success with icing the joints, this always felt good for a few hours for me but then made the joints worse. So, if I were you I would not ice the ankles.

I would test warm bath with Epsom salts at night and do gentle rotational movements on the ankles at that time.

I would stretch my glute muscles several times a day since all the leg muscles align the ankles and knees so you want them in great shape.

I would get a foam roller and roll out my calf muscles and quads, which could be full of knots, making ankles carry more load through imperfect walking and compensation effects.

If you can sit Japanese style I would attempt this gently as a test, to see if the shins need stretching to help range of motion in the ankles also.

And I’d try a stationary bike at the gym, so as to get lots of non-loaded movement through the ankles, as well as aiming to build up a sweat for detoxification.

Meanwhile, sticking with the PP foods on top of the above tests.
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