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“Clint, one reason I like this forum so much is that people feed each other with what they need to hear to stay positive. You are an inspiration and I’m sure many of us are often thinking, “If he did it then I can do it too.” I know it’s hard work, so thank you for providing us with all these resources and support!


You guys are making me an online forum person! This is amazing support 😉


so excited to be a part of this Forum, a BIG thankyou to Clint & Melissa for setting this up, a wonderful idea and a place where we can share our journey of Healing from RA. The Paddison Programme for Rheumatoid Arthritis was a God send to me as I had suffered from RA for nearly seven years…I continued on the Programme and went back each month to have my Blood tests, my CRP levels were 38 when i started last October they are now down to 9 and I am into my 10th month of the programme.


I am just listening to Clint reading the May Member News – this forum is such an amazing resource it – it brings me to tears knowing how much support there is here!!


I am grateful for everyone who takes the time to share here on the forum. Many good ideas are on these pages. I am most grateful for the genuine kindess of those who share and continue to support each other in this Road Less Traveled

I am really impressed by what you achieved with your Program and forum so far ;)! It all looks great and will be a huge motivation for all the people with RA, who want to follow the Program or are following the Program now. I also like the extra information you have put on the forum and the video’s :)!! Well done!

thanks Clint for this forum it’s wonderful to be able to share with others who understand the whole life change thing and have not given up and given in and expect you to do the same

I got so down and depressed but seeing your videos and being on this forum has really given me a new lease on life. I was so afraid that I would have to have people take care of me but now I know that getting your life back is “doable” and that makes me want to fight it FULL FORCE!
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  • Exclusive and unlimited access to the Paddison Program Support Forum
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  • Live support calls with Clint Paddison
  • Participate in meetups around the world
  • Chat with other pain-reversal experts (as seen on the Paddison Podcast)
  • Regular new content
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  • Renews Annually Unless Cancelled

$399 / year

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