Seema Is Thriving On The Paddison Program In India

Seema Is Thriving On The Paddison Program In India

We discuss how:

  • Seema was diagnosed with RA and had very high pain levels
  • Pain was almost unbearable and she needed support to get up from a chair
  • She was put on sulfasalazine, and started taking painkillers to deal with the pain
  • She quit a very stressful job and started searching the internet to gain more knowledge on RA
  • It was then that she found the Paddison Program and adapted it to the eating habits of her country
  • She got great support from Clint and others inside Paddison Program Support
  • Eventually she got off anti-inflammatory drugs and then off painkillers as well
  • The use of visualization has helped her achieve her goals

Clint Today my special guest is Seema, and she is in Mumbai in India. She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2008 and has a very interesting story to tell us, and how she was able to modify the Paddison Program and get tremendous results, and pain relief. Which includes coming off sulfasalazine which she was on for two years, and no longer needing painkillers which she was taking for the immense pain that she was in. And a lot of information that can help us around the way that she prepares the foods which need to be a little bit different because she is in India. So Seema, thanks so much for coming on this podcast.

Seema Thank you, Clint, I’m so grateful to be on this podcast, thanks a lot for inviting me. I feel so grateful and lucky to be here.

Clint Well, thanks for coming on and sharing some tips that you’re going to give us as to what’s working. You’ve been able to as I mentioned get off some of these other medications, and now you’ve tapered your methotrexate from 15 mg you’re now down to 5 milligram which is the only drug that you’re now taking which is a big improvement from where you were. And so tell us what modifications, and what changes have you had to make to the Paddison Program to make it work for you or has it just worked straight out of the box?

Seema I had to make some modifications like earlier I was taking (inaudible) rice, but then when I switched to brown rice. Then I saw some results, later on, I also reduced spices. In India, we are used to making all the dishes with a lot of Masalas,(inaudible) red chili powder, and you will see all the shoes are red in color (inaudible) everything (inaudible). Even Masala, especially for India maggie, has introduced Masala Maggie.

Seema So here if there is no Masala, people would not like it but actually Masala is hampering your digestive system. It inflames the lining of the digestive system. Due to this problem, leaky gut cannot be solved. So I’d say earlier even on Paddison Program my mom’s so that I could eat these two foods to use to add Masala Paddison Program recipe as well. That’s why I was not seeing faster result. But as soon as I did my own research and I found out that Masala can cause inflammation. I immediately stopped completely stopped. Not even a pinch of Masala I would add. I did not care about this so slowly my taste bud changed so now even if there is no Masala I still love my food.

Seema So your taste buds are modified like you can train your taste buds according to your habit. Yeah every day what you eat, your taste buds are modified according to that. So apart from this, stopping these spices, I stopped onion and garlic because according to Satvik diet, onion and garlic are categorized (inaudible). There are three (inaudible) causes us to remain peaceful. (inaudible) causes a lot of action. It is associated with action and passion and (inaudible) is associated with arrogance.

Seema Actually we have all (inaudible) but in some proportion. But (inaudible) should be at higher proportions so that we are always peaceful and calm. Because our mind has a direct impact on our body. If the ability to control over mind then. Because you might be knowing about the mind-body connection and psychosomatic diseases. Majority of visitors are (inaudible) because of the wrong thinking pattern. So when I started to change my thinking pattern I started to love every single thing that I’m doing. Though my body wasn’t big I would consciously think positive thoughts. I would visualize positive things like (inaudible) formation, pain-free, drug-free, back to maximum energy. I would visualize I am pain-free though it has not already happened but in my mind, it has already happened. So when I think positive our mind or our brain cannot differentiate between what is real and what is imaginative. So when you imagine positive things your brain releases chemicals in your body that helps in healing, good hormones are released.

Seema So you are positive then you’ll feel like doing exercise because when you are negative you will not even feel like doing that exercise. So so many things have changed. And apart from this the most important is organic food.

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Seema Then I was not able to find organic celery. So when I started to use organic celery and organic juice, those I think played a major role. And in-between I thought everything is going fine I’m not having pain so I thought it’s ok for some time I switch to inorganic but I observed that pain returned when I switched to inorganic food. So now I have decided that I’ll stick to organic food because the (inaudible) that is being used is very harmful. And as we have suffered from this disease our body and system organs are very sensitive to all these chemicals so that’s why I think the pain returned. When you switch to inoganic food. I would suggest that everyone should stick to an organic diet.

Clint And is it easy to get organic foods in Mumbai?

Seema Yes in Mumbai it is easy. There is one place online called “Organic Garden and from there I buy all my organic food like even Papaya. Like I’ve seen the difference between inorganic Papaya is not very tasty but the organic one is really tasty. Yeah, there’s a lot of difference between the taste.

Clint And you found that the difference for you personally was that the pain you experienced was much less when you went organic 100 percent.

Seema Yes.

Clint Mm-hmm. Okay. Before I pick your brain more about mindset I want to get more into that. I know you changed your job and everything to make to get the best results possible. How are your symptoms now compared to your symptoms when you were in the early stages?

Seema Horrible. Long before Paddison Program symptoms were very horrible. Months after using the Paddison Program, things were so much in control. I was able to get up from the sofa without picking support. Earlier, I have to take support of chairs or walls to get up from the chair. Right after switching to Paddison Program there was a lot of relief in pain. My pain like I used to tell in my journal like I am feeling so painful, you used to tell me “you push for exercise” and I still push for exercise and your motivation helped me come out of pain. And you told me that your (inaudible) should be to come out of (inaudible). And then I improved my exercise. Slowly my non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs came out and pain killers came out. It was so unbelievable for me. I shared this on my journal.

Seema I used to go to the gym also during that time, it was difficult but because you told me I would still stay on track and exercise is very helpful because it’s like a form of pain killer. And when you exercise, oxygen goes inside your body and oxygen does not allow cancerous cells to expand in the body. So it is very important that you are filled with oxygen by breathing and exercise.

Clint And so in doing the exercise as I encouraged you in the support group, did you and getting off those nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Did you notice that coming off the painkillers then actually helped you heal even more? Because they may have been playing a bad role on your gut.

Seema Yes exactly. Pain killers are causing more damage to your cells. And it has all the negative side effects on your body even your mind but your mind is not in your control. I think that’s why most of the patients were suffering from (inaudible). They also get depressed for a period of time. So that is like unimaginable side effects of pain killer and steroid. Like temporarily you might feel some relief but on a long term basis it is hampering your digestive system. And it does not allow you to heal.

Clint Yeah. Interesting. Tell us more about your exercise. What did you find and what do you do now to give the best results to make your joints feel the best.

Seema Now what I do, I listen to my body like your body is not the same every day. So I don’t have any fixed this time I exercise or this time I will eat. Now I listen to my body. I’m a completely (inaudible) moment so I can sense my hunger. So when I’m hungry. I eat food. If I’m not hungry I would not eat food. And your hunger also not like slightly hungry you should be really hungry. And earlier I was so lazy I would tell my mom to bring my food on the table. But now I go inside the kitchen and make my own food. I’ve got vegetables. So when you are already hungry and you go to the kitchen and you’ve got vegetables. More hunger, more digestive juices are released than when you eat the food, that food is properly digested. So usually people are watching a movie on one side and then eating a burger on one side. So there are not enough digestive juices to digest all that processed stuff.

Seema So it goes undigested into the intestines and it remains there in the intestines, it does not get digested.

Clint I think that’s one of possibly one of the most overlooked area of the strategies of healing is only eat when you’re hungry. You know the power of that is immense and yet the number of times that people adhere to that and to follow that is not so common. Snacking is very very common especially when we think we’re going to get more calories in and so forth snacking happens all the time.

Clint Snacking is a terrible thing for the digestive process. It never gets a chance to rest. You know and in the book by Hiromi Shinya the enzyme factor which is one of my favourites and it was an influential book for me. And in fact it was sort of some of the pioneering sort of work that he did gave me the idea around the two grain mix and the whole pseudo grains and buckwheat quinoa combining them together and stuff that all came originally from ideas from the enzyme factor and Dr. Shinya and his quote “Make friends with gentle hunger” is just such a beautiful quote. Make friends with gentle hunger because he explains that when the bodies and not digesting it’s healing and so it all ties in with eating when hungry and then when you’re not hungry let it heal.It’s like a mini fast between your meals. So great insight.

Seema Yeah, actually the mind power comes into the picture. Still, I have to work hard. Like for snacking but I have to tell my mind ” No Seema you have to wait so that you are sufficiently hungry for the next meal. Like as much as possible, I try to control because I know if I snack then my hunger will go then I’m not able to eat that next dinner.

Clint That’s right. That’s totally right. So let’s say it’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon and we’re starting to get hungry and we’ve got a big meal coming at five thirty-five maybe we’re eating at six o’clock which is a good time to eat. So we’re all done by seven o’clock so we’re not pushing food into our body when it’s not designed to eat food into the dark hours and so that’s really a time when we want to avoid getting really hungry so we either need to have a bigger lunch so that we don’t start getting hungry at 4 o’clock or we just allow the hunger to build and we have an early dinner and we eat a lot at dinner and we eat a lot of good food at dinner and satiate ourselves because if we to have then a big snack at four and then dinner comes in at [5:30] we’re not that hungry but we eat everything on our plate. We’re not going to feel good tomorrow. We’re going to have pain.

Seema Yes exactly.

Clint So yes. All right great. Well, I’m glad you covered that one. Tell us about the…you talked about the visualization fairly briefly earlier mentioned visualizing becoming pain-free and drug-free and so on. Let’s talk more about this mindset because before we started recording you mentioned to me as one of the most important things for you and it could just be the missing link for a lot of other people because whilst everyone can get really really high scorers out of ten for their diet and exercise if things are still not working you know deep down subconsciously, something might be just a pattern in our thoughts or or something could be holding us back.

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Clint So tell us, other than just saying the affirmations and visualizing pain free and drug free and back to maximum energy, you said you also changed jobs so that you felt happier more often.

Seema Yes. I was working as a forex trader. The market will fluctuate and my heart will also fluctuate along with the market. Like when Market is good according to my trade then I will feel happy when it’s not good according to what I speculated that I get so depressed because a lot of money (inaudible)

Clint Yeah. Well, that’s a really really tough job.

Seema Yes exactly. You’re seeing most of the dealers tend to have more health problem. I think it is because of this.

Clint Yeah, that’s stressful.

Seema Yeah.

Clint Were you investing other people’s money?

Seema Yes. It was other people’s money we’re investing and I was trading on behalf of the company.

Clint Yes. So the weight of the company’s finances is on your shoulders.

Seema Yeah.

Clint Yeah. That’s stressful. Okay so I can see why that was playing a role. And so how did you I mean did you decide that you’re going to leave the company and just go off and try and heal or what did you do? Because I imagine that that was quite a good career.

Seema Yeah. Actually that company business operations got shifted and it shut down its operation in Mumbai so that time I got time to evaluate myself, evaluate my head because everything was going fine with my career like something and that is when you lost (inaudible) when some external force does not come. You’ll stay on that same track if this external force wouldn’t have happened and then I wouldn’t have found you also because during that time I did my research and I came across your program. I was at home at that time. So I was like researching and googling and I came across your TED talk.

Seema It’s like whatever happens it is for good like you come to know about that later, like what is written: what is happening it is for good, whatever has happened it is for good and whatever is going to happen in future it is going to be very very good. So now I come to know like I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis there is some reason. Maybe God has given me purpose for that so that now when I look back, like everything is clear what has happened to me by happen to me.

Seema That time I used to ask why this thing happened to me like rheumatoid arthritis, why only me and that time you feel so depressed you tend to think so negative and it has a cascading effect on all the rest of your behavior (inaudible) but now everything seems to be fine.

Clint Yes. Yeah. Well the transformation is huge. You know as you said the mindset is..

Seema Like I’m completely different person now compared to 10 years ago.

Clint Yeah

Seema Like before, I used to get angry very fast but all these years I’ve trained my mind, like now I don’t get angry when things are not going according to my ways. Maybe this disease that has taught me that because you know our body and our symptoms are not in our control but still you have to go towards healing. Maybe that thing has taught me as I’m able to apply that on other aspects of my life as well.

Clint Well, I think you can possibly distinguish you know your experience with a very very serious health condition shapes you as a person and shapes your thoughts and it shapes your ability to have compassion for others with who were having health problems. It shapes the way that you spend your time with your education. It shapes your exercise and dietary patterns. It shapes your social behaviors and who you spend time with and how you spend time with them and I mean it virtually is the sort of the backbone of all of your actions and thoughts and everything because when you’re getting pain coming into your body and into your mind it is you know it’s unignorable. And so it drives all these different behaviors.

Clint So I want to drill down more, I want to pick your brains because you have a personality that is uplifting and happy and joyful and for people’s sort of background here as well. All of our communication prior to this recording you’ve just been so positive and so upbeat and so looking forward to this and you’ve just been so pleasant in our brief communications and we’ve had to postpone this I think because the hurricane or you know here in Florida and a few things and you’ve just been so like happy about the whole thing and I think you know people can see how much you smile and how genuinely like I guess joyful you are.

Seema It was my dream. Like three years ago, I visualize that I’m doing a podcast with Clint Paddison. I told my mom like one day I will be on this podcast of and I was like 100% sure, you see I will be there. And today it’s like the real thing! Like I am still having goosebumps. I just cannot believe it is happening. So I believe truly in this power of visualization.

Seema So everyone in the community I want to say that you visualize positive things and it will happen. Because your brain cannot differentiate between what is real and what you’re visualizing so if you can visualize then we can go for it right? You are naturally inclined to be happy and positive. God has not designed the body and mind to be always in negative with depression. So if these comply with the law of nature and always be happy and positive that will reflect in our body also and it will speed up the healing process because you will see on my journal like within three months ESR dropped from 42 to 11 and still it is in that range 15 because diet changes and exercise as I have already mentioned. But 80% of what we feel is in the mind like I read about one book of Dr. Joseph (inaudible). He said that in (inaudible), people eat and drink everything but they are so happy, they are full of joy, filled with laughter that they are living up to the age of 150 like some (inaudible) Himalaya religious (inaudible) one scientist when they did a research why their people are living such a long life. So he found out that people are really happy. They are full of love,they are passionate towards their work, they do farming and all.

Seema So that’s why that there is no disease in that religion. Everyone is living happily together. So I think that is the main reason that diseases are growing because people are so depressed now. because even for small things, if pen is lost then they get angry and irritated like for small things just like a small pen. If your mom shouts at you, then you are angry.

Seema So now I train my mind like even if my mom shouts at me, I’ll just smile at her. Mommy, also I love you so much, you are great and she will let go of it, there is no more argument. So it’s like I’ve changed my approach in every aspect of my life.

Clint Yeah, it’s a powerful technique. And by no means is it easy. You know I’ve still got some curiosity around how you actually managed to achieve that one thing that comes to my mind is the concept of interpretation. So you know, if two people go on a roller coaster and one person interprets the roller coaster as being an exciting wonderful experience that’s going to be totally fun. Then their body will release endorphins and they will have the experience they expected. The other person on the roller coaster if they think it’s terrifying and really really frightening and they get on there, they will have that experience their body will release inflammatory markers and they will actually have a physiological experience that is negative for them.

Clint So the two people had the same experience, one interpreted it one way and got positive health benefits and one got negative health benefits the same experience. Yeah, interpretation is so key so you know you interpreted I guess your interpretation of why did you get this disease. At first, you thought well why me why am I the only one and how that awful this is. And now I think you’ve interpreted as an opportunity to contribute and to help other people and to maybe change lives of people particularly in India where I think it can be challenging to access some of the same resources as in you know some of the bigger Western countries. Is that how you feel as well. Has that helped towards feeling more happy. Has it helped more to feel the interpretation of why maybe you’ve been going through all this is that maybe you can help people?

Seema Yes. Now because I found my purpose of life. Like now I can because all the experiences I can share it when I share with others only then my life will be meaningful. Like when I will add value to others. Like we come on this earth and we’ll go one day. But what we will do on this planet, that’s what mattered. So that when you find your purpose and you do what you love, your work is not work.

Seema So you don’t know those stress hormones when you are doing the work that you don’t love like when you get up in the morning you should be excited like “Yes, I’m going to do this!” So like this is miraculously banishment because your attention is not going towards (inaudible) attention. (inaudible) like what you told in one your videos. So then your attention is towards positive things.

Clint Yes.

Seema Then your energy flows towards that and where energy flows, things grow.

Clint Yes. Absolutely.

Seema All of this plays an important role in your healing journey. Like healing journey is not just about our diet. Yes, diet is very important. It is on big percent actually but that is, well 500 percent apart from a diet like your part that is part patterns and all this thing your habit, it is what you need to reverse inside your mind.

Seema So you have to control your thoughts. Actually, I read a lot. I’ve read a lot of articles and research and I follow some mentors online as well like Lakewood, who explains about (inaudible)like how (inaudible). I am growing spiritually as well.

Clint Yes.

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Seema Also, I read stuff related to spirituality. I think maybe that has conditioned my mind. Because they are also my friends they say that you would think differently and you’re a little weird and you’re doing things like…So because of arthritis you may be knowing that social life is not that great.

Seema Most of that time I was at home contemplating on spirituality. Spending time with great people on the internet. Because of internet I could come in contact with you. So most of the time I spend time with people who are adding more value to me like you.There’s so many mentors you can find online. So all of this has made me condition my mind a little differently.

Clint Yes absolutely. And what do you think at the moment that your life’s purpose is?

Seema My life purpose is to help people who also have a disease. This rheumatoid arthritis especially because I want to help someone who is just like me. Like I saw frightful nights at this young age. And people used to tell like how at this young age you got arthritis. And I want to create awareness like this. Arthriti is not like normal arthritis. This can occur at any age. So when people are aware about this disease it will also help in early diagnosis and it will help many people live a normal life. So I want to reach out to all those people who are in pain and suffering. So if I am able to help even one close person. Then I would feel great.

Seema I would feel great like I for my existence on this planet earth, I would have a meaning in my life. Because if there is no meaning I don’t know what to do when I get up then your life is meaningless.

Clint Yeah.

Seema So actually things should flow from one person, like what you have given me so from me, things should go to someone else. Then when things flow from your body disease will not remain in your body. When people want to keep everything secret, people don’t want to share, everything like get stuck in your body and that if swarms of disease. Then even in the form of emotion, many emotions people don’t share and they keep it inside their heart for long. (inaudible) disease. So it should flow, you should show love, you should show care, you should show affection to people around you. Charity begins at home so you should love your family.

Seema You should take care of family. So if it does not flow from your body, the disease takes some form.

Clint It gets trashed.

Seema When I’m able to help many people, it will flow so I realize (inaudible).

Clint Yeah, I love it. I’ve written down flow and I’m going to tell that one to Melissa because that one is gold and flow is fantastic. I love the concept of it. I’ve never talked about it or heard someone talk about it before it is absolutely fantastic because you know what I think about you know things that I still want to share other things that I’ve learned and talk about and it makes me excited. The feeling of flow and passing on thoughts and ideas is one that feels natural for us and I’m sure everyone I’m sure anyone who is watching this has the things they want to share. They want to do they want to move out of something that’s been floating in their head for weeks months and possibly years and get it out there and put it out there and it feels good and it’s a healing, it’s a cleansing process because it makes way for new things.

Seema Yes. If you are not talking to someone for many years then write a letter. I’m sorry I did this and become friends with them. If you cannot tell sorry then in your mind you tell sorry to that person and release the emotion. Because I also did this. I used to write letters also to my family. I used to write love letters, I used to write gratitude letter to my family. Like pen and paper now is forgotten but pen and paper is the most effective form of communication.

Seema Although everyone is communicating on mobile and their relation breaks so fast.

Clint Yeah.

Seema They are able to make relationships so fast without even understanding. All these social media is making this emotional world very complicated.

Clint Yeah.

Seema So you have to control your social media usage also. Like in one of your posts in the community, you said that you have to turn away from facebook distractions, something like that. So I cut down all the social media during my healing period. I said that I want to remain with myself during that healing. Now I’m like using social media because I have some focus on social media.

Clint So you use it because it helps you to connect with other people who you feel that you can really help. I mean I do as well, you know I have to go on the Instagram and reply to people’s questions and I have to post new things from time to time because the amount of information that’s being posted that’s wrong by all the other you know people who have these other views are clouding and crowding out the space. And so if I don’t and other people like yourself and other people who know the truth are not posting regularly or at least somewhat then our message doesn’t even exist than the one that’s important that’s just being buried.

Seema I saw one post like meat is getting deep-fried in oil and that Instagram post has 10 million views. Imagine 10 million people inside their brain that post went and they might have felt like eating that

Clint Yeah. You couldn’t do anything worse. What could be worse? Eating meat. Deep-fried in oil I mean. There’s not much worse for the body than that. That’s crazy.

Seema And the people that post is reaching out is huge number. And our post is just reaching out a few number of people.

Clint I know.

Seema So we have to work hard.

Clint It is true a comment that I often get on YouTube is you know why does this guy only have 10,000 followers or something because like cat videos have 500,000 followers. People would post videos of their cat and what I believe that we’re putting out on our YouTube channel and so forth and other platforms is stuff that can change people’s lives and we get ten thousand for life-changing stuff and 500,000 for a cat that scratches its ear with its paw, you know.

Clint But that’s just how the world is. And rather than you know we talk about interpretation right? Rather than interpretation that as disappointing or frustrating I interpret that as there are nearly or there are ten thousand people who want to hear my message and want to hear your stories. And that is where you focus and not on the 490 that aren’t there. It’s the ten thousand that are really really passionate about this information and actually get value from it and want more of it. So that’s where my focus is at.

Seema Exactly.

Clint I think you have wisdom way beyond your years and I’ve got family members who believe in multiple lives and they would say that your wisdom has evolved over multiple multiple lives and that you’re a very wise soul. So that’s what I would say. I mean that in the most deeply complementary way, you’ve got this wonderful combination of youthful beauty but also this deep spiritual wisdom and that I mean that combination is remarkable.

Seema This wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Clint Thank you. That’s nice. You know what we just mentioned we put the content out there and now you’re helping to create some wisdom around this as well and we put another piece of the puzzle together and we continue to share and hope that another person for here is the right message at the right time to make the decisions that they need to make to get the outcomes they’ve been visualizing and saying affirmations forward just like you have made.

Seema Yes.

Clint So thank you Seema. I think we might wrap it up there. Congratulations on how far you’ve come with your physical symptoms. I know that you’re leading a very very comfortable life now on only a very small amount of methotrexate and you’re moving into a completely different direction and going to be helping other people and hopefully this is a good start towards that as well.

Seema Yes. And thanks a lot for giving me a chance to reach out to people in your community. I pray that all in your community get well fast like your community support was so helpful. Everyone used to motivate me when I still feel down like the support is very important. Just by reading, it cannot help. So when I got into the support, your community, when you pushed me you still stay on track. That I think played a major role to keep me motivated, to keep that flame of belief alive in my mind. That kept me going so I’m immensely grateful like I cannot express in words how much grateful I am. Like I’m talking, I’m doing everything today it’s all because of you, creator of content on the Internet and you made your effort to reach out to me.

Seema If not because of you, I would still be lying on bed. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your effort.

Clint Oh you’re very welcome.

Clint Thank you, Seema. Thank you for sharing. And as I said congratulations on what you’ve done. Keep up the great work and keep doing all the right things and looking after your body just the way that you’ve been and you’ll continue to have the wonderful results. So thanks again.

Seema Thank you so much.

Clint Paddison

Clint Paddison has endured challenges tremendous success with crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis and now assists others with this disease via the Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis, the Rheumatoid Solutions Podcast and the blog on